Currently for 2012 WOP racing will be competing in HDRA. After the announcement of this new series we had to try it. This years racing started in Prim Nevada on the weekend of January 27. After a quick decision we headed out to Prim. Day 1 we ran great but exploded a clutch during lap 1. This ended our weekend. We had a great time and Roger Norman new series was very professional. We look forward to racing the rest of the series.






Under taking a race as serious as the Mint400 requires a total different thought processes. With just one month to prepare from the Battle at Prim, we where in full swing. Starting Monday night after returning from racing, the truck received a complete over haul minus the engine. Every Part was sent out, cracked checked, fixed and reinstalled. Marlin Crawler quickly prepared two race tranny's for us just in case we had any unknown problems. New uniballs and Hiems where installed everywhere. After testing in Plaster City the weekend before we were confident the chassis was up to the task at hand.

Thursday Morning we headed out to Las Vegas with a prepared vehicle. I can say I have never felt this prepared in all the racing I have done over the last 5 years. Several hundred man hours where spent for this event.


Friday Morning we headed from Main pit to contingency. This was by far the most pre race fun I have had in a long time. It took a few hours to get through tech But before we knew it we where done.


The Mint 400 was underway at 7:00 am with Trophy trucks first off the line.

The plan was for me to start the race and Seth would take over at Pit B while conserving the truck the whole time. I would then take over for the final lap to bring home the truck. Upon deciding to undertake the Mint I researched as much info as I could find. Not one person or article said it was easy. Most directions pointed towards being one of the most grueling races on US soil. We stuck to the plan.



After Lap 1 Ryan Dunn had a 20 minute lead on us and we where sitting in second place. Seth headed out for his second lap. At some point during Lap 2 Ryan had to begun having some problems we where catching him. After the Second Lap he had 8 minutes on us.



I took over driving duties the first thing I told my co driver its time to catch Dunn. We kicked it up into high gear for the final lap. Driving the truck at full bore will eventually break it. We could only push part of the time. We passed Dunn at Mile marker 65. His truck looked at if it was out due to some serious failure. We drove a pretty conservative final 40 miles to bring a great running truck in for the win


Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers that made this weekend possible.


Leen Steed sent us his latest creation for the turbo Toyota. His manifolds flow great and with over two years of racing we have yet to have one fail.
Thanks Leen